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A Guide On Buying Used Containers

Used containers are your best option when you need a cheap storage option. The tricky part about buying a used container is that it can be difficult to tell whether you are getting value for your money. It is especially so if you are a first-time buyer. Well, if you intend to purchase a used container, the extract below details some valuable tips to consider. 

Choose A Suitable Container

Consider the following when choosing a suitable container: 

Determine The Grade And Condition Of The Container

Used containers are graded depending on the amount of wear on their bodies. For instance, a one-trip container is usually in the same condition it left the manufacturer's premises. However, it might be used for a trip or two. A slightly used container might have minor body imperfections such as dents, scratches or fading paint. However, it is watertight and windproof. Besides, the floor will be damage-free. 

Used containers labelled as cargo worthy, wind and watertight meet the required shipping standard. However, they could have damaged floors and bodies. If the container is labelled as "as-is," the seller cannot guarantee its condition. It could have severe rusting, a leaking roof and structural issues. 

As a new buyer, you may not have the expertise to assess the condition of the used container. Therefore, you should ask for an inspection report from a certified and accredited container inspector. The report will shed light on any defects that the container could have. 

Compare Prices From Reputable Dealers

Compare the pricing of similar containers sold by reputable dealers. The easiest way to negotiate the container's price is by pitting one dealer against the other. However, if this is not possible, you should ask for complimentary services. For example, you could ask the dealer to offer free shipping to your locality. Some dealers can also fabricate the container at a discounted price. 

When buying a used container, choose a suitable container, check the grade and condition of the container and compare prices from reputable dealers.  

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